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Social programs and community support

Excursion to Great Falls Imperial Care provides community driven and center based programs! We offer a variety of activities designed to build skill through individualized supports and training is several areas…



Our unique programs offer service recipients the opportunities to engage in a rich and exploratory lifestyle. Our plans for supports are geared towards focusing on a full inclusion and participation in the community. Our community liaison and direct care staff provide numerous opportunities for community participation. Our program is based on foremost:
  • Identifying needs and Desires based on a Person Centered Plan
Participation in this program offers the people in service greater choices by providing the opportunity to utilize natural supports and increase their participation in the community and achieve a greater level of self-sufficiency. A person may participate in a variety of community life experiences that may include the following activities:
Community Outings
  • Excursions to Virginia Beach, Great Falls (to view Waterfalls) and the Zoo in Washington DC and Richmond
    • Pool Parties
    • Museums
    • Area Parks
    • Malls and Restaurants
    • Smithsonian
    • Movies and IMAX
    • Library
    • Bowling
    • Riverboat Cruises
    • Marine Corps
    • Miniature Golf etc...


Community Resource Training
Use and utilization of community services such as:
  • Continued Education – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Public Speaking
  • Use and Utilization of Emergency Services Training
  • Learning Field Trips to Post Office, Grocery Stores, Banks, Bakery, etc...


If you would like to learn more about our programs or be considered for placement, please email us at or contact us to request for an Admission Application.



We are proud member of Virginia Network of Private Providers, member of National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Current Service Areas
1. Alexandria, Virginia
2. Herndon, Virginia


We offer a variety of activities designed to build skill through individualized supports and training in several areas….