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1. Change in Virginia Department of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services


Recently the Commonwealth of Virginia has made changes in its care for the institutionalization of the intellectually disabled. Virginia is closing many institutions and moving people to residential group homes. More intellectually disabled people have been moved out of training centers operated by the state and placed in group homes like ours where they can receive the care they deserve. While residential group homes are regulated by the state, the quality and living conditions of these homes vary widely and very few meet the standards. Each one of our house is a HOME and we love what we do.


Our homes are here to serve the needs of ID adults and give their families peace of mind. If you are wondering who will provide the very best care for an ID adult, Imperial Care is the answer. Give us a call or contact us by email.







We are proud member of Virginia Network of Private Providers, member of National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Current Service Areas
1. Alexandria, Virginia
2. Herndon, Virginia


We offer a variety of activities designed to build skill through individualized supports and training in several areas….