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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Q: What are the criteria in order to qualify to enter an Imperial Care program?

A: The potential resident must:

  • be at least 18 years of age.
  • have limitations in communication, mobility, behavioral, self-care, community and social living skills, self-direction, health and safety, learning skills.
  • have a history of mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.
  • Not exhibiting behavior which endangers himself/herself, the community, or other residents
  • Q: Does a doctor or mental health professional have to complete the "Referral" portion of the application? 

    A: No. Imperial Care welcomes referrals from prospective residents and their families. 

    Q: How do you integrate supported persons into the community?

    A: Our wide array of community participation activities includes restaurant excursions, sporting events, parks, shopping centers, and more. From these experiences, supported persons have the opportunity to exercise their free will, integrate with the community, and foster an essential sense of belonging and self-worth.

    Q:What staff training do you provide?

    A: Our comprehensive training includes Medication Administration, First Aid and CPR, Crisis Prevention Intervention, Human Rights, and Abuse and Neglect Prevention. We also provide professional development courses on providing personal care, maintaining a safe environment, navigating electronic records management systems, and more. Employees attend training renewals throughout the year and participate in monthly development meetings. Management and supervisory team members meet with the CEO weekly to ensure best practices and engage in additional training.

    Q:Can I attend my family member’s doctor appointments?

    Yes. An Imperial Care employee also must attend the appointment to document the doctor’s recommendations and ensure the best level of care for your family member.

    Q: When can I visit my family member?

    We welcome drop-in visits and you may visit your family member at your convenience. We suggest calling before to ensure your family member is home as we are frequently out in the community. In respect to others in the home, we request that you not visit or make phone calls in the late evening or early morning.

    Q:What is life like at Imperial Care home?

    It’s a lot of fun! Our homes offer a variety of activities and events that are tailored to the specific needs, preferences, and desires of the persons we support.



    We are proud member of Virginia Network of Private Providers, member of National Alliance on Mental Illness.


    Current Service Areas
    1. Alexandria, Virginia
    2. Herndon, Virginia


    We offer a variety of activities designed to build skill through individualized supports and training in several areas….